New Jersey Marijuana Licensing

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What Cannabis License Types Exist in New Jersey?

According to the Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization (CREAMM) Act, there are six classes of cannabis licenses in New Jersey. These licenses authorize specific cannabis businesses, and eliminate penalties associated with the possession, manufacture, sale, and use of recreational cannabis. New Jersey cannabis license types include:

Class 1 – Cannabis Cultivator License

The cannabis cultivator license is issued to an entity authorizing them to grow cannabis for commercial purposes. A holder of the cannabis cultivator license can sell cultivated cannabis to other cultivators, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers but not directly to consumers.

Class 2 – Cannabis Manufacturer License

The cannabis manufacturer license authorizes the holder to produce recreational-use cannabis and sell the processed cannabis products to other manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, but not directly to consumers. Licensed cannabis manufacturers can purchase cannabis from cannabis cultivators and other licensed manufacturers. In addition, licensees can legally transport their cannabis products.

Class 3 – Cannabis Wholesaler License

This license is issued to wholesalers of cannabis, permitting them to purchase cannabis and cannabis products in bulk. The license also allows them to store the purchased cannabis and cannabis products in their warehouses with the intention of reselling them later to cannabis retailers but not directly to consumers.

Class 4 – Cannabis Distributor License

The Class 4 distributor license authorizes license holders to distribute cannabis or cannabis products in large quantities among licensed cannabis facilities within New Jersey. Cannabis distributor license holders are also permitted to store cannabis or cannabis products temporarily if required while executing their duties in transporting the products.

Class 5 – Cannabis Retailer

The cannabis retailer license is issued to businesses, permitting them to sell cannabis, cannabis products, or paraphernalia at a designated location. Class 5 cannabis retailer licensees can purchase cannabis and cannabis products from licensed manufacturers or wholesalers and sell to direct consumers. Licensees are permitted to seek the services of certified cannabis handlers who will deliver their orders off-site. Retailers can also hire licensed cannabis delivery services to deliver cannabis and cannabis products to consumers.

Class 6 – Cannabis Delivery

This license is issued to a business entity authorizing them to perform the role of a courier for a licensed cannabis retailer. Cannabis businesses that employ cannabis delivery license holders can take direct orders from direct consumers, and the orders will be delivered to the consumers by the license holders.

Testing Laboratory License

A testing laboratory license is a license issued to a cannabis testing facility that is involved in testing cannabis and cannabis products in accordance with the testing regulations of the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission.

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